Partnering With Your Family

Sample Schedule:

45 mins  – Open play/ drop off

15 mins – Healthy Snack & Education

45 mins – Homework Happy Hour Support

30 mins –  Foundational movements, motor skill, and mobility/games

~45 mins – 1 Hour – Obstacle Play or Youth Sport/Strength Training

*Schedules will vary based on drop-off times & track

Our Experience:

  • Teaching certifications
  • Title 1 background
  • EC-12 School counseling certification
  • 6 years in secondary education field
  • Coaching background with Pre-K, elementary, and high school aged children

Parents can choose the final track:

1. Open Play – Let the kids be active and burn off some energy with Open Play. Run. Play Laugh. Be Active. 

2. Sport & Strength Development – Our coaches will work with your child to properly execute foundational movements and start building stronger athletes.

Offered for 3 of the 5 Days –  (Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays)

  • Operations

Days:  Monday – Friday 

Drop-Off Times: 2:30 – 6pm  (Min. 2 days per week purchase) 

Grades: kindergarten – 6th


2x Per Week – $105 

3x Per Week – $135

5x Per Week – $170

Strength Add-On to After School:  $95 + 3x Per Week

Strength & Sport Development Only:  $155 for  3x Per Week

Why Choose STRONG'S After School Program?

Generations today are shattering barriers. They are creating new technology, developing smarter and younger entrepreneurs, and showing the world that anything is possible. Although their achievements are unmatched, the increased use of technology and time becoming more and more constrained; children and teens are left with an exorbitant pressure to succeed and no outlet to release stress and anxiety that comes with this new lifestyle. Many studies have been conducted on how to support these students as they face these new challenges, and the answer is through a mind-body connection.

Schools in Naperville were found to have one of the highest science test scores in the world. The difference between Naperville and other school districts in the USA is that they provide students with a specialized Physical Education Program that other districts do not have. A study conducted in Naperville, Illinois showed a correlation between high test scores and the state mandated Fitness-Gram.

According to the CDC, exercise stimulates childrens’ minds. They are more prepared to learn, their senses are heightened, and their focus and mood are improved. This improvement begins at the cellular level to improve brain’s potential to log and process new information.

With an academic driven educational system and a time constrained world, Strong Fitness & Fun  provides students an opportunity to develop their mind-body connection. This connection will help their brain development and motor skills that they will use in sports and life.

By adding just an hour of extra play, your child will be able to combat stress and help fight mood disorders associated with our generation of youth. Strong not only supports your child in their mind-body development through play, but also provides homework support and education to help your child gain necessary knowledge to grow up healthy and STRONG. We want to care, education, and inspire your child’s success.
Strong is Keeping Your Family Safe
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