Party Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my party?

All parties are two hours.
90 minutes in the reserved tables or 60 minutes in private room
Your guest are welcome to stay and keep the party going after your reserved time is up for a discounted Open Play Fee!

How much time do I have in with my party tables?

Each party is given 90 minutes in thier party table area or 60 minutes in your private room. If you would like to extend that time by 30min you have the option to add on time.

How early can I arrive to set up for my party?

Your tables will be set up and ready for you 15 minutes before your party time. Your party hostess will be available for you at that time to assist you with setting up anything you bring.
If your party begins right when we open, the doors will open promptly 15 minutes before opening (not earlier) for you to come in and setup before your guests arrive. There are no exceptions to this policy. If you feel that you need more than 15minutes to setup, let your party coordinator know and you can arrange a time to come in the day before and set up.

Am I allowed to bring in food and drinks?

Yes, any food may be brought in. The only food restriction is that no deliveries may be made to the facility. ALL food must be brought in with you. Outside drinks are allowed as well, but must be individual serving sizes (not two liters or jugs) and alcoholic beverages are prohibited since we are a family friendly facility.

Can I reserve the entire facility for a private event?

Yes! Soar is a perfect place for large groups and private events of all types because of how versatile our facility is! We can host any type of party: quienceneras, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate team-building events, adult birthday parties, school field trips, and more! Private events must be scheduled outside of the regular hours of operation. Our 52,000 square foot facility makes Soar an ideal spot for large groups! Private Email info@soarunited.com for specifics on booking your private event with us!

Can I order pizza through Soar?

Our pizza vendor is Campissi's- a local family owned business who we are proud to partner with! Campissi's offers a wonderful thin crust pizza that is ideal for kids: minimal mess!
One large pizza feeds about 5-6 kids. Cost is $15 for a Cheese pizza, and $1 per additional topping. Cost covers tip and delivery.
Gluten Free and specialty pizzas available upon request.

Will there be structured games played during my party?

Yes! You have the option to add on structure play to your party. During this structure play you will be given different game options your party host will play with your party. During that time you will have one field reserved just for you group for 30min.

Does my party come with decorations, or do I bring my own?

All Packages come with decorations: neon multi-colored balloons with the Soar logo, neon green tablecloths & forks, and blue plates & napkins. If you would prefer to bring your own decor, you are welcome to use a mix of yours and ours, or just yours.

Are siblings included in my guest count?

You can choose to include and pay for siblings, or have parents pay for them separately. It's up to you! Just let your party hostess know which option you prefer at the beginning of your party so that she can charge accordingly.

What happens if I need to change my party date or time?

Your party date and/or time can be changed up to 24 hours proir to your party with no extra charge. Rescheduled time slots are subject to availability. The closer your party date is, the fewer time slots will be available.

What about toddlers and adults?
Do they count towards my guest total?

Kids who are walking and up will count towards your guest count. Crawlers can participate for free. Adults are no charge. If they will be participating on obstacles, they just need to fill out a waiver.

Can I just bring a cake, sit at the picnic tables, and do a small party without booking anything?

If you are going to be serving food and/or using decor of any kind, you do need to book a party package.

If you have any additional questions, just send us an email at info@soarunited.com or call us at 972-373-4062!

Hello! Is anyone there?

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, ASAP.


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